Thursday, July 29, 2010

One has only to view a city skyline to see that Stone Age culture is not dead.

Archaeologists and anthropologists speak of human culture as if it is a one-way highway to sophistication, but human culture is the product of hoarding: bad ideas rarely go away. Top Males crave absolute power over their unfortunate subjects. This egomania is furthered by monumental statues, tasteless palaces, phallic or "big dick" architecture, obnoxious propaganda, mind-numbing rants, and coerced mass rallies. Top Males continue to erect mega monuments for themselves and their corporations. As the World Trade Center attack demonstrates, this concentration of male power into symbols of wealth and arrogance is not wise; it is usually pharaoh's little people who are sacrificed in the violent struggles between the Top Males of the world. The ancient game of King of the Hill has led to the relentless cycle of the rise and demise of governments and empires, and we are not exempt.

The idea that cultures advance from primitive to sophisticated, as if man’s products and ideas are arrows shot through time, is the result of confusing human invention with the products of evolution. Advances in material culture do not ensure an improved social culture. Any civilization we examine will exhibit degrees of disconnect between technology and social success, and the gap is widening: man invents precision weaponry, but the ideas that control this destructive power belong to the Stone Age. The United States produces and distributes advanced weapons to male thugs planet-wide, who then use them on their own people, on their neighbors, or sell them to our professed enemies. Top Males cannot resist the playing the game.

The United States government, whose stated intent is to bring freedom and democracy to the dark corners of the human sphere, works diligently to perpetuate that darkness. We support monsters who are paid to be "allies" in the latest "War on ------." Just fill in the blank. As a people, we certainly are capable of improving the human condition in other parts of the world, and have, but the real goal of American leaders, like all Stone Age males, is to initiate war, extend existing wars, fight covert wars, interfere in civil wars, enact coups, overthrow elected governments, and to actively use war to develop and test ever more destructive weapons to be used in future wars.

Other cultures hold radically different aims and beliefs than do people in the United States; in this area Americans have a supernatural blind spot: we expect heathens (non Judeo-Christians) to flee in terror, awestruck by our god-given power. The United States has a long history of discounting the capabilities of groups like the Vietnamese or radical Moslems, whom we believe to be inferior, but whose social cohesion and determination are significant. Supernatural supremacy does not exist. If Americans don't know how to win wars without the supernatural intervention of the Judeo-Christian god, then they ought not to start them.

Stone Age culture survives as a rigid male hierarchy of power and influence. Wall Street Top Males who loot private and public assets may be crooks, but in their version of reality, they are simply taking what they deserve. Top Males are not capable of ethical thought; Stone Age religion is not ethical or moral, it is about male supremacy, power, and property rights.

The traditional tactic of outing and shaming politicians caught having extramarital affairs (gay or straight) is not driven by the indignation of female Americans, but by the male hierarchy, which is simply ridding the hierarchy of weak males, with the admonition, "You are not a pharaoh. You are not entitled to Top Male sexual activity." Jack Kennedy was a true Top Male and entitled to have sex with whomever he pleased.

Three-thousand years of tumultuous human endeavor have not changed the ideas that govern human behavior. Advanced technologies have not done away with Stone Age male domination, and in fact have increased opportunities to control the lives of the little people. New weapons increase the destructive capability of killers disguised as fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands. Top Males promote war, because war makes the rich richer, obtains (steals) resources, and corrals more people who can be drawn the size of children.