Friday, September 17, 2010

Top Male hierarchies vary in degrees of applied cruelty. Thugs like Saddam Hussein are easy to identify, but perhaps more frightening is the ease with which developed nations denounce human rights abuses and then carry out the destruction of entire nations. Violence is justified by any lie available: nation building, security, provocation, patriotism, religion – any excuse that maintains the hypocritical stance that 'they' are worse than we are. Propaganda magically erases the crime of war. War is always a contest between Top Males: the deaths of one’s own soldiers are a noble sacrifice, but the deaths of the enemy soldiers and civilians don’t count. Life is disposable in the male quest for power. The idea of nationbuilding is a convenient tool of male domination.

The average American is trapped between the magical belief that because the Constitution ‘says so’ (words have magic power), he or she automatically has rights. This is naive: rights do not exist within real families, real religions, real businesses, or real nations. Rights in the Constitution are political goals that must be continually negotiated for, fought for, and expanded to include women, children, and lesser males. The Founding Fathers were enlightened individuals, but they were still a hierarchy of Top Males that fought bitterly over the distribution of male power, especially how much power an elected Top Male ought to have. The president initially had little power. This restraint was meant to prevent Top Male abuse: the idea was to ‘share the wealth’ within the class of free white males. That’s what opportunity means.

In no way did the founders envision an expansion of the hierarchy to include lesser beings such as women; black males were granted rights long before women. Contrary to the belief that we offer equality to women, the British monarchy, which we fought to shake off, has accepted female Top Males, whereas we have not elected a female president. In fact, the United States clings to the Stone Age model of social control in a time when so-called backward nations are moving to more pragmatic and natural systems. This male obsession with total power prevents problem solving in critical areas: any practical or productive response to real-world problems is blocked. The productivity, ideas and creativity of one-half the population is ignored and excluded. Male religion – monotheism, has a stranglehold on education, foreign policy, economics, social policy, and human reproduction. Male egomania promotes the dangerous destruction of nature.

The very people who are harmed most by social violence often unthinkingly support Top Male social structure through monotheistic religion, the utterly unfounded concept of race, and crimes against humanity; the desire for the powerless to identify with power, however corrupt, sidelines ethical behavior. Children are raised on the archaic and unshakeable helplessness that results from enshrining male despotism as the God-given law of the universe. Top Male control came from the Stone Age and keeps us imprisoned in the Stone Age.