Sunday, July 25, 2010

There is no right to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness in the Old Testament.
Other than male property rights, there are no rights at all.

The first Top Male in the Christian church was undoubtedly the emperor of the Roman east, Constantine. Radical Jews (early Christians) fought over the content and control of the new, but ill-defined religion. When Christianity was legitimized by Constantine, the newly-empowered sect set about destroying any and all competing religions; they killed 'pagans' who refused to join the cult of Jesus, and co-opted temples, shrines, and the rich cultural heritage of the Roman world, while presenting themselves as victims. Two thousand years on, American Christians claim that they too are persecuted, despite making up most of the population. Radical Christians continually attack the Constitutional ban on establishment of a state religion, and connive to overthrow our secular government and establish a theocracy.

The Emperor Constantine's backing of the new cult was at best cynical; he needed the loyalty of soldiers who traditionally turned to magic to protect them in battle. The popularity of Mithras and a look-alike called Jesus, and the conflation of these similar cult figures into one that suited soldiers, shows that the Jesus idea had already become a problem. How does a ‘gentle guru’ become the savior of warriors and his peaceful teaching become the justification for religious slaughter?

Jesus was his outrageously violent father's son, and the radical Jewish cult wasn't about to jettison the Old Testament and its prescription for torture, genocide, slavery, biological warfare, hatred of women and children, and god-sanctioned theft of land and loot. Constantine's endorsement put the weight and resources of the Roman Empire behind acts of wrath and revenge perpetrated by early Christians against the religiously and culturally diverse (and formerly protected) people of the Roman Empire.

The Roman treasury, its military infrastructure, political structure, and bureaucracy were handed on a platter to the cult of Jesus, whose members immediately began behaving badly. The Roman Empire didn't disappear; it evolved into the Roman Catholic Empire in the west, and the Greek Orthodox Church in the east. Any notion that Christianity succeeded because it was a gentle and humane religion is ridiculous.